Flood Defence

Windsor’s experience with large civil engineering and construction has allowed us to develop significant skills in flood prevention and alleviation management schemes.

With unpredictable and changing climate and weather patterns flooding around the UK and Wales will only increase. This has a devastating impact on home owners, infrastructure and businesses. These events affect lives and cause sizable losses to the regional economy.

Our construction skills allow us to support Local Authorities, Main Contractors and Government agencies to construct new and upgrade existing flood protection to prevent future occurrences. This ranges for small schemes and the installation of domestic protection products through to large civil projects including ground clearance, attenuation lakes and tanks, drainage upgrades and re-lining, ground raising, formation of channels, construction of sluices, discharge aprons, pump wells, flood walls and embankment walls’.

Our background with specialist foundations, drainage, concrete and shuttering gives us the skills to deliver these projects successfully on time and on budget.’

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your flood prevention requirements.